Experience and expertise built over 25 years of representing tech innovators

Founded by Ben Maynard in 2018, Story and Strategy Ltd fills a specific niche in creating effective communications for technology companies and those in other complex, scientific and technological markets. The common feature of these businesses is a need to explain complex issues to often sceptical audiences without dumbing them down. Finding the angles that both resonate and educate is key to building profile, reputation and ultimately growth.

Through 26 years of experience working with start-ups and established technology brands, Ben has developed a reputation for insight and sound advice that leads to successful communications campaigns.  

He has helped brands including:  Adobe, Avaya, Cisco, HP, SAP, Sony Mobile, Vodafone, and Zebra navigate issues and opportunities through the definition of clear messaging and effective communications strategies. Some highlights include:

  • Working with the CEO and senior communications team of a major hardware company to define press announcement messaging and CEO speeches for the past five Mobile World Congress Conferences.

  • Leading a series of message development sessions to re-cast the reputation of an international telecommunications firm as it exited Chapter 11.

  • Leading the strategic communications of a coalition of 70+ online businesses making a series of complaints to the European Commission about anti-competitive activities.

  • Preparing the CEO and other board members a UK government supplier only for crisis communications but in preparations for Select Committee meetings in the House of Commons.