About Story and Strategy helps you to find and tell the stories that stand out and get you noticed

  • Tech leaders often struggle to convey complex messages to the wider world
  • Many tech-brands focus on product and forget to explain why people need them
  • Tech-driven businesses face increasing scrutiny and must convince sceptical audiences of their value

Story and Strategy helps leaders, communicators and marketers in tech-driven businesses to overcome these issues by creating stories that resonate with key audiences.

Ben Maynard

Ben Maynard - Independant PR Consultant

I am an independent PR consultant specialising in defining and creating compelling stories for technology brands and leaders.

Through my 25 years’ of experience working with start-ups and established technology brands I have developed a number of key insights:

  • Many tech leaders struggle to convey the value of their often complex products and services to their key audiences.
  • Too many technology brands over-focus on product specifications (the What), and forget to explain Why audiences need them (the Who and the Why).
  • Today’s tech businesses, and any business using technology as a differentiator, need to work harder to convince increasingly sceptical audiences of the value of their offering.

I help navigate all of these issues through the definition of clear messaging and effective communications strategies. Working with marketing, communications and product leaders, as well as board-level and corporate spokespeople, I create compelling corporates stories that are effective in articulating business and product messages whilst resonating with the news agenda. From these I work with you to design communications strategies and campaigns to successfully build profile, reputation and differentiation and ultimately drive business growth.